Garbage Service (Residential)

Residential solid waste pickup is curbside on the following schedule:

  • Monday:  south of 18th Street and east of Hill Avenue.
  • Tuesday:  north of 18th Street and east of Hill Avenue.
  • Wednesday:  north of 18th Street and west of Hill Avenue.
  • Thursday:  south of 18th Street and west of Hill Avenue.

Residents must use the blue containers provided by the City and placed out by 7:00 a.m. on the day of pickup.  Containers must be placed on or near the curb or in the driveway adjacent to the street and away from any obstructions in front, behind or to the sides so the automated truck may access the containers.  Containers cannot be overfilled – if they are overfilled the garbage will end up in the yard or in the street.  If the lid can’t be closed, and it appears that garbage will fall as it is picked up the driver of the truck will not empty the container.  

Recycling (Residential)

Curbside recycling is provide through Shamrock Recycling.  The schedule for pickup is:

  • 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month for residents north of 18th Street.
  • 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month for residents south of 18th Street.

Shamrock accepts the following materials:  clean plastic containers numbered 1-5 and 7 (plastics numbered 6 – Styrofoam and polystyrene products – are not accepted), clean cans made of tin, clean and empty glass bottles and jars, as well as paper and cardboard.

The following are examples, and not an exhaustive list, of products that are not accepted:  motor oil or antifreeze containers, paint or stain or varnish containers, toys, siding, lumber, laundry baskets, plastic garbage bags or plastic bags, aluminum foil, ceramics, “Pringles” type cans, window, mirrors, vases and general household items or trash.

Glass, tin, plastic and paper products need to be separated into individual containers and cardboard boxes need to be flattened.  It is not required to use the containers provided by or purchased from the City, but recyclables need to be in containers.

Cardboard and paper products may be taken to the large containers at the City street garage and the Kiwanis trailer is always available for newspaper and white paper recyclables (see instructions at the trailer).  Kiwanis also picks up paper curbside on the 2nd Saturday of each month – bundle and tie and have out by 9 a.m.

If there are questions about specific products, please call Shamrock Recycling at 712-480-4698.

Garbage (Commercial) – please call City Hall regarding possible arrangements.

Recycling (Commercial) – provided by contacting Shamrock Recycling directly to make arrangements.

Holiday Garbage pickup – if your regular day for garbage pickup falls on a holiday for which City Hall is closed, it will be picked up on the next regular working day that is not also a holiday.

Curbside Tag System for disposing of certain household items

Household appliances regulated by the IDNR, other “white goods”, electronics, tires and other items (no batteries, paint cans, hazardous materials) not to exceed 2 cubic yards may be disposed of curbside by purchasing a tag at City Hall.  To dispose of, set the tagged item to the curb on and not before your regular garbage pickup day.

Please check with City Hall for current prices for tags and to verify the items are eligible.

Yard waste

Curbside yard waste pickup is on Mondays from spring through fall with starting date and ending date to be announced each year.  Grass clippings, leaves and brush must be placed in 30 gallon brown paper bags and not exceed 40 lbs. Bags may be purchased at Bomgaars, Ace Hardware, Walmart, Fareway and HyVee.

Branches up to 1” in diameter may be bundled with twine or jute – bundles not to exceed 12” in diameter and 4’ in length.  Diameters greater than 1” and 5” of less shall be bundled together in bundles not to exceed 12” in diameter and 4’ in length.

The Spirit Lake Green Waste site is located approximately ½ miles east of Orleans.  It is available for personal use only by Spirit Lake and Orleans residential water customers from spring through fall.  No commercial use is permitted whether by commercial operations or commercial mowers or lawn services. See the Announcements section for rules and dates/hours of operation each year.