Weeds and High Grass

City codes require that owners maintain their property so that it does not become unsightly. Weeds and grass allowed to grow in excess of 6 inches in height are in violation of the City’s codes.


To report a weed/grass violation, call the Code Enforcement Office or use the “Contact the Enforcement Inspector” form. The notification that you make will be researched, and if the complaint is valid, the property ownership will be verified through the County records. The property owner(s) will be notified and given a reasonable amount of time to correct the violation. If no corrective action has been taken at the end of the prescribed period, the City will issue a municipal infraction. In cases where the ownership is changing such as a foreclosure, the City Ordinance will allow the City employees to mow the property and the cost will be added to the property taxes.

The Code Enforcement Department will only provide notification of the same violation once per calendar year. When there are additional violations in that same calendar year, subsequent notifications and municipal infractions will be also issued. Each violator may appeal the officer’s decision to the City Council to determine if the nuisance does or does not exist.


Call the Code Enforcement Office at City Hall at (712)-336-1871 or use the “Contact the Enforcement Inspector” form. You do not need to give your name.