With the additional and extraordinary rain overnight the storm sewer, sanitary sewer and drainage facilities and infrastructure were overwhelmed in Spirit Lake as is the case throughout the area and the region.  To the extent any pressure can be relieved from the sanitary sewer system, the Water Department will continue to do what can be done, as it has been continuously the past week, but there will be limitations for a time on what can be done given the sheer volume of water. They will continue to be working around the clock.

Although the City had ordered additional trash containers because of recent and increased demand, those have now been put into use by residents and there are no more dumpsters available but the City will be ordering more and residents are encouraged to call City Hall Monday morning if they wish to arrange for one.  In the meantime, and because of this emergency, residents are welcome to order and have delivered containers from any other source – Waste Management, Town & Country, any other private service and are encouraged to explore those options.

The gate at the City street garage at 23rd and Keokuk is open and there are still sand bags available if people are looking for a source in addition to the County site in Spirit Lake at 1007 19th Street.  There are some shovels available, but you are encouraged to bring your own to avoid a potential wait.

For more general safety and emergency information please follow announcements as they come from Dickinson County Emergency Management directly and as released to local media.