Public Hearing and Letting for Sanitary Sewer Lining Project

Public notice is hereby given that the City of Spirit Lake, in Dickinson County, Iowa, will meet on
August 25, 2020 at 5:30pm, at which time and place a public hearing will be held in the Council
Chambers in the Spirit Lake City Hall located at 1803 Hill Avenue, Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360 (due to
COVID 19 requirements, the meeting may be via Zoom and if so, access information will be
provided on the final agenda issued prior to the meeting) on the proposed plans and
specifications, form of contract and estimate of cost for the 2020 Sanitary Sewer Lining Project for
said City. Sealed proposals will be received by the City of Spirit Lake Administrator for the 2020
Sanitary Sewer Lining Project until 10:00 A.M. on August 21, 2020, at the City of Spirit Lake City
Hall, located at 1803 Hill Avenue, Spirit Lake, IA 51360; at which time the bids will be publicly
opened and read. Proposals will be acted on by the Spirit Lake City Council at the
aforementioned public hearing or at such later time and place as may then be fixed.

Work to Be Done: 42 EA Remove Protruding Service Connections; 2,415 L.F. CIPP Main Lining,
8”; 42 EA Building Sanitary Sewer Service Reinstatement; 42 Pressure Testing of Service
Connections; 42 EA Chemical Grout; 1 L.S. Temporary Traffic Control; 1 L.S. Mobilization.

See Bid Form for exact quantities.

Proposals: All proposals shall be made on official proposal forms furnished by the Engineer and
shall contain worded and figured prices for the work bid on. All proposals shall be plainly legible,
sealed, and addressed to the City of Spirit Lake, Attn: Gregg Owens, City Administrator, 1803 Hill
Avenue, Spirit Lake, IA 51360. Bidder shall submit a Bidder Status Form with their bid. Failure to
submit a fully completed Bidder Status Form with the bid may result in the bid being deemed
unresponsive and rejected. A certified check or a bid bond of a reputable bonding company
authorized to do business in the State of Iowa in an amount not less than ten percent (10%) of
the total amount of the bid shall be included in a separate sealed envelope, plainly marked “bid
bond”. The bid guarantee shall be forfeited as liquidated damages if the successful bidder fails
proper execution.

The checks or bid bonds of the lowest two or more bidders may be held for the earlier of 7 days
after the effective date of the agreement or 61 days after the bid opening, whereupon Bid Security
furnished by such bidders will be returned. Other checks or bid bonds will be returned after the
tabulation of bids is completed.

Performance and Payment Bonds: The successful bidder must execute performance and
payment bonds, each in an amount equal to one hundred (100%) percent of the contract amount
to ensure a timely, efficient, and complete performance. The bonds shall be issued from a
reputable bonding company authorized to do business in the State of Iowa.

Liquidated Damages: Liquidated damages will be assessed the contractor in the amount of five
hundred dollars ($500.00) per working day that the work remains uncompleted after the end of
the contract period with due allowances for extensions due to conditions beyond the control of the

Withdrawal of Bids: No submitted bids may be withdrawn for a period of thirty (30) days from the
scheduled closing time for the receipt of bids.

Payment: The Contractor will be paid monthly in an amount equal to ninety-five percent (95%) of
the Work completed during the previous month according to the Engineer’s estimate. The final
payment will be made not less than thirty (30) days after completion of the Work and acceptance
NPHL-2 by the City. No final payment will be due until the Contractor has certified that the materials, labor,
and services have been paid for in accordance with the Project Manual.

Plans, Specifications, and Contract Documents: Complete digital project bidding documents are
available at You may download the digital plan documents at no charge by
inputting Quest project #7233492 on the website’s project search page. Please contact at 952-233-1632 or for assistance in free membership
registration, downloading, and working with this digital project information. An optional paper set
of the proposal forms and specifications for individual use may be obtained from the office of the
Engineer, Beck Engineering Inc., 3301 Zenith Ave, PO Box 238, Spirit Lake, Iowa 51360. A
refundable deposit of $100.00 is required for the documents. Deposit will be returned if plans and
project manual are returned in good condition within 14 days after public hearing date.

Acceptance or Rejection of Bids: The right to accept or reject any or all bids and to waive
informalities is reserved.

Time Frame: The work shall be completed as follows:

All work shall be completed by November 13, 2020

By virtue of statutory authority, preference will be given to products and provisions grown and
coal produced within the State of Iowa and to Iowa domestic labor to the extent lawfully required
under Iowa statutes, providing that the award of the contract will be made to the lowest
responsible bidder submitting the lowest acceptable bid, which shall be given without regard to
state or local law whereby preference is given on factors other than the amount of the bid.

City of Spirit Lake

By: /s/ Bruce Keenan .

By: /s/ Gregg Owens .
City Administrator