Green Waste Site COVID 19 precautions

Although the green waste site is opening, please consider the following: if you absolutely don’t need to use the site – DON’T. The City of Spirit Lake provides curbside pickup of yard waste and burning is allowed in Orleans if for some reason you still have some little bit of leaves or twigs. If the only reason you use the green waste site is to dispose of grass clippings consider mulching them into your yard. Most experts agree removal of grass clippings is almost always completely unnecessary and leaving them fertilizes your lawn naturally. Given the current situation, disposing of grass clippings really isn’t a priority or a necessity. If you need to come to the green waste site WEAR A PROPER MASK. If you have come to your lake home or are returning to your regular residence after a trip out of the area, do not come to the site unless you have made the decision to self-quarantine for two weeks and have actually done that for two weeks (the same goes for any other places you may want to visit in the area) – if you are simply coming up for a weekend and think that going out in the area is a good idea you are violating the most important recommendations of all responsible public health authorities and simply being disrespectful of the health and safety of others. This situation is far from over.