Coronavirus precautions

With recent federal and state informational releases and updates coming frequently regarding the coronavirus, the City of Spirit Lake will be making a couple of minor adjustments in the short term out of caution for the public.  If individuals have utility bills and normally pay in person at City Hall, please use the drop box located inside the front entry doors on Hill Avenue.  For other routine matters like necessary tags for disposal of household items and any issues related to building permits, please call ahead to City Hall so arrangements can be made.  City Hall is not closed, and we will still be conducting City business, but with these changes for now.  City services related to law enforcement, water distribution, trash pickup and recycling will continue as usual and there are no issues with providing City services, and no reason for any concern about that, just taking a few recommended precautions.  Please keep in touch with information from the Iowa Department of Public Health and the CDC and take personal precautions that continue to be well publicized.