Light pole corrosion, inspections scheduled

The City of Spirit Lake has discovered that some of the 30 foot street lighting poles in the City are experiencing issues with corrosion. Two poles came down in windy weather, and the City has an engineering firm involved to analyze the situation. As a precaution, a testing company will be in town on Wednesday, April 17 to begin testing on all of 30 foot poles in Spirit Lake (approximately 280). In the meantime, the City has already started examining other poles in the area where the poles that came down were standing and there will be some light poles removed from that area within the next few days. That area extends from just west of the Walmart intersection on Highway 9 on the south side of the road. Poles on the north side of the road are also being examined. Based on the information known at this time, and pending further evaluation, that is the area that appears to have the most significant issue. The 30 foot poles are generally found on Highway 9, on Highway 71 and there are some in other areas of the community. When the City is provided with more definite information it will be updating the community on the status of the poles.