Welcome to Spirit Lake, Iowa

Spirit Lake is located in the center of the Iowa Great Lakes. Spirit Lake was founded and continues to reflect the best of Midwestern values – offering families a wide variety of community, recreation, employment and business opportunities.

About Spirit Lake 

Spirit Lake, Iowa is one of the most beautiful and dynamic cities in the Midwest. With a four-seasons lifestyle, thriving business climate and a warm, friendly quality of life, you’ll find it all here in Spirit Lake.

In 2015, Spirit Lake, Iowa was recognized by Governor Terry Branstad as one of the healthiest cities in Iowa, winning the 2015 Healthy Iowa Award in the small city category.  The Healthy Iowa awards is a joint program of the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Healthiest State Initiative, which recognizes individuals and organizations that have developed and implemented policies and practices resulting in sustainable environmental change and healthier living for Iowans.

Spirit Lake has a vibrant downtown with an appealing mix of retail and service oriented businesses. The City has an industrial park that provides the space, accessibility and amenities to meet the needs of current and prospective employers. Our neighborhoods are safe and our abundant system of public parks provide opportunities for recreation.

Latest News & Announcements

Spring Cleanup Days

Given the current state of public health concerns and advisories, the uncertainty with where the State of Iowa will be the next several weeks or possibly longer and of course concerns for the safety of City of Spirit Lake residents and City workers it will not be possible to have a week of junk pickup in Spirit Lake this spring. It is expected that cleanup days will be rescheduled to sometime after Labor Day, but that date will not be set until closer to the time that cleanup days will occur. In the meantime, any items that normally can be picked up with tags – for example, TVs, mattresses, appliances, furniture (check the City’s website or call City Hall) will still be picked up and the City has continued to pick up tagged items. As we progress through the next few weeks, please continue to keep up with announcements from the State of Iowa, DCEM and Dickinson County Public Health, follow safety recommendations and have faith!

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Green Waste Site COVID 19 precautions

Although the green waste site is opening, please consider the following: if you absolutely don’t need to use the site – DON’T. The City of Spirit Lake provides curbside pickup of yard waste and burning is allowed in Orleans if for some reason you still have some little bit of leaves or twigs. If the only reason you use the green waste site is to dispose of grass clippings consider mulching them into your yard. Most experts agree removal of grass clippings is almost always completely unnecessary and leaving them fertilizes your lawn naturally. Given the current situation, disposing of grass clippings really isn’t a priority or a necessity. If you need to come to the green waste site WEAR A PROPER MASK. If you have come to your lake home or are returning to your regular residence after a trip out of the area, do not come to the site unless you have made the decision to self-quarantine for two weeks and have actually done that for two weeks (the same goes for any other places you may want to visit in the area) – if you are simply coming up for a weekend and think that going out in the area is a good idea you are violating the most important recommendations of all responsible public health authorities and simply being disrespectful of the health and safety of others. This situation is far from over.

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Green Waste Site will open for the season Saturday, May 2

Hours for the season will be: Saturdays 9-5, Sundays 1-5, Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-7. The site is only open to residential water customers of the City of Spirit Lake and the City of Orleans. To assist with verification residents must have their drivers license and it is strongly recommended they also have a copy of their water bill if their drivers license doesn’t reflect an address within the physical boundaries of Spirit Lake or Orleans.

Because of COVID 19 concerns, individuals wanting to access the site should be wearing masks. This is essential out of respect for those working at the site and current public health recommendations.

The gates will not open until the opening time. The best way to plan to arrive at the site — don’t leave your house until the gates are open! We’ve had a continual problem with individuals arriving well before the gates open. This has the potential for causing problems with traffic on 140th Avenue, and it is illegal to simply park on the road and wait for the gates to open. We are hopeful that this request is respected – if not, then we will need to involve law enforcement and/or look at suspension of privileges to access the site. Please respect those who work at the site and other people, especially farmers at this time of year in particular, who are needing to use the road. Thanks!

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