Welcome to Spirit Lake, Iowa

Spirit Lake is located in the center of the Iowa Great Lakes. Spirit Lake was founded and continues to reflect the best of Midwestern values – offering families a wide variety of community, recreation, employment and business opportunities.

About Spirit Lake 

Spirit Lake, Iowa is one of the most beautiful and dynamic cities in the Midwest. With a four-seasons lifestyle, thriving business climate and a warm, friendly quality of life, you’ll find it all here in Spirit Lake.

In 2015, Spirit Lake, Iowa was recognized by Governor Terry Branstad as one of the healthiest cities in Iowa, winning the 2015 Healthy Iowa Award in the small city category.  The Healthy Iowa awards is a joint program of the Iowa Department of Public Health and the Healthiest State Initiative, which recognizes individuals and organizations that have developed and implemented policies and practices resulting in sustainable environmental change and healthier living for Iowans.

Spirit Lake has a vibrant downtown with an appealing mix of retail and service oriented businesses. The City has an industrial park that provides the space, accessibility and amenities to meet the needs of current and prospective employers. Our neighborhoods are safe and our abundant system of public parks provide opportunities for recreation.

Latest News & Announcements

Hydrant Flushing Announcement

Starting September 27 for approximately one week the water department will be performing fire hydrant maintenance, including flushing of hydrants, in the northeast part of town (East of Hill and North of Highway 9). Residents may notice a temporary drop in water pressure while a hydrant is being flushed and water may be discolored as a result. If you have discoloration the best solution is running cold water until it is clear again!

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Seal Coat Work

Seal coat work will proceed in parts of the southeast part of town this week. The map is attached and affected streets are marked in red. If your street is on the map you will receive a notice the day before work commences and notice “no parking” signs appearing on your street Vehicles must be off the street no later than 7 a.m. the day work will be done and may be parked on the street after work on the street is completed. Thank you.

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